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Cargo turnover in Russian seaports accelerates growth

The cargo turnover in the seaports of Russia in January-August of 2021 increased by 1.6% compared to the same period of the last year, to 552.76 million tons. At the same time, transshipment of liquid bulk cargo decreased by 2.2%, or to 278.6 million tons, mainly due to the decrease in transshipment of oil (by 5.1%) and liquefied gas (by 3%). The cargo turnover for dry cargo increased by 5.8% compared to the results of the first eight months of 2020, to 274.16 million tons.

In January-August of 2021, the seaports of the Azov-Black Sea (9.5%), Far Eastern (4.1%), Baltic (7.2%) and Arctic (1.1%) basins showed an increase in dry cargo turnover.

Against the background of the decrease in the volume of liquid cargo, their growth in the specified nomenclature was recorded in the seaports of Vysotsk – 8%, Taman – 9.2%, Rostov-on-Don – 17.1%, Temryuk – 21%, Nakhodka – 6.9%, the Big Port of St. Petersburg – 2.5%, Vostochny – 0.8% and Astrakhan – 56.5%.

The largest increase among dry cargo was shown by the transshipment of coal and coke - by 13.8%, cargo in containers - by 7% and sugar - by 8.9 times. Freight turnover of general cargo increased by 5.2% due to an increase in the transshipment of ferrous metals (+ 6.6%), refrigerated cargo (+ 27.6%, including fish and fish products - by 43%), packaged cargo (+2.5%) and other general cargo (+ 2.1%). Transshipment of rolling cargo (ro-ro) increased by 26.9%.

There were transshipped 439.56 million tons of export cargo (+3%), 26.57 million tons of import cargo (+ 11.4%), 41.86 million tons of transit cargo (-0.5%), 44.77 million tons of coastal cargo (-12.4%).

According to the results of work in January-August of 2021, 16.09 thousand passenger vessels were served in seaports (the increase of 1.8 times). The marine passenger terminals served 6.3 million people. The main number of passengers was served at specialized passenger terminals in the seaports of Sevastopol – 5.8 million people, Yalta – 266.2 thousand people, Sochi – 146.2 thousand people.

The company's revenue in terms of harbor dues for the period of January-August of this year increased by 1%, to 13.422 billion rubles, while the total volume of serviced vessels decreased by 2%, to 1.174 billion GT, including due to the decrease in foreign vessels by 0,8%, to 956.6 million GT and cabotage vessels up 7.1%, to 217.4 million GT.

The decrease in volume indicators of vessels is mainly due to the decrease in the volume of transshipment of oil and oil products in the seaports of Ust-Luga, Prigorodnoye, Novorossiysk, De-Kastri, coal and coke - in the seaports of Vysotsk and Vostochny, grain - in the seaports of Kavkaz, Rostov-on-Don , cargo in containers - in the seaport of Big Port of St. Petersburg, rolling cargo - in the seaports of Kavkaz, Kerch, Vanino, Kholmsk; a decrease in the number of dry cargo vessels following from Inland waterways and passing through the seaports of Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Astrakhan, Olya, as well as the number of vessels calling at the seaports of Nakhodka, Vostochny, Vladivostok and Kaliningrad for bunkering purposes.

At the same time, the increase in income was due to the increase in the volume of dry cargo transshipment in the seaports of Ust-Luga, Azov, Vanino, Vladivostok, Taman, liquid cargo - in the seaports of Taman and Murmansk; indexation of the rates of unregulated harbor dues (pilotage, environmental dues and transport safety dues in the water area of seaports); an increase in the market share for the provision of pilotage services on the Kerch-Yenikalsky Canal and in the seaports of Vladivostok, Ust-Luga and Murmansk.

The number of pilotage operations of FSUE "Rosmorport" in January-August of 2021 increased by 3% compared to the same period of 2020 – or up to 116.7 thousand operations.