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Khersones sailboat under scarlet sails visits "Tavrida.ART" festival

On September 9, the sailing training vessel Khersones entered Kapsel Bay under scarlet sails in order to participate in "Tavrida.ART 2021" festival near Sudak, which lasted from September 9 to September 12.

Since 2019, the sailing training vessel Khersones annually participates in the festive events and is one of the brightest decorations of the festival. Especially for the festival in 2021 by order of FSUE "Rosmorport" a new set of scarlet sails was sewn for the Khersones sailboat. The white sails were replaced with scarlet ones in ten days by the vessel's crew and cadets undergoing training on the vessel. The total area of ​the canvas is about 2700 square meters. At the moment, the sailing training vessel Khersones is the only vessel in the world with scarlet sails of this size.