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Another thematic shift of FSUE "Rosmorport" in the children's center "Orlyonok" comes to an end

Another thematic shift of FSUE "Rosmorport" in the children's center "Orlyonok" comes to an end

In the children's center "Orlyonok" the seventh thematic shift of FSUE "Rosmorport" "Wind of distant wanderings", where 73 winners of the competition as part of the "My Port" project took part, came to an end. The children were distributed among the crews "Naporistiy", "Pylkiy" and "Reshitelniy".

The solemn lineup as part of the closing ceremony traditionally began with a symbolic call in ship bell by the head of the camp Bogdan Kucherenko and gathering of jacks of the participants for temporary storage in the camp counselor's crew "Plamenniy".

In accordance with the camp tradition, the children were initiated into "orlyata" and the most active of them received the ranks of a young seafarers and sailors. Crew commanders lowered shift flags, including the State Flag of the Russian Federation and the flag of the shift partner FSUE "Rosmorport".

For three weeks, participants in the season "Wind of distant wanderings" attended training courses of the educational program. Young seafarers got acquainted with maritime professions and traditions, received new knowledge regarding maritime history of Russia, created their own inventions, programmed, learned the marine painting, 2D modeling, robotics and much more. At the end of the season, each participant could present its projects at the "Solar Regatta" and the Technical Creativity Festival.

Each child, together with its crew, took an active part in collective camp events. The children gathered at the evening of legends, went on hikes, talked about the most important things, visited the Museum of the History of the "Orlyonok" children's center, took sunbaths, participated in competitions and creative meetings with pop stars, and even talked with the famous traveler Fedor Konyukhov.

The highlight of the season was the acquaintance of the children with the famous frigate Khersones, which, on the eve of the birthday of the RCC "Orlyonok", went into its water area. In honor of such event, observation sea excursions by boat, allowing viewing the sailboat from close range and make commemorative photos, were organized for children and employees of the children's center.

In honor of the end of the shift, FSUE "Rosmorport" awarded the winners of the "My Port" project with branded flash bracelets, and other crews of the camp "Shtormovoy" with silicone bracelets and popsockets with the symbols of FSUE "Rosmorport". Each participant in the season "Wind of distant wanderings" was awarded with two photos (a common photo with all the winners of the "My Port" project and a photo of the crew). The organizers have already begun to receive words of gratitude and positive feedback from the participants and their parents relating to shift.

Artyom Kostenko, member of the "My Port" project: "I really liked the season. We learned to tie the sailor's knots, learned the semaphore alphabet, studied maritime affairs, the history of the Navy, and representatives of airborne forces visited us with exhibition performances. I want to thank the program organizers, camp workers, administration, counselors and participants in the season "Wind of distant wanderings" and particularly thank FSUE "Rosmorport" for its branded equipment. The season turned out to be very intense and informative".
Margarita Kolesnikova, mother of Ivan Zhabin, winner of the "My Port" contest: "My son visited the camp for the first time. And I already heard so many positive, kind and warm words about the shift from him! He acquired a lot of emotions, impressions, new friends, and, most important of all, knowledge! I want to thank FSUE "Rosmorport" for the opportunity and efficient and well-coordinated work".

In memory of the days spent in the children's center, teenagers will take with them not only awards and souvenirs received following the successful development of training courses, contests and competitions, but also invaluable experience of maritime practice together with knowledge of the applied maritime profile, which will undoubtedly serve as a guide for children in choosing a future profession.