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Taganrog Gulf VTS certificate of conformity received

Following the results of the inspection by Rosmorrechflot, FSUE “Rosmorport” has obtained a new certificate of conformity of the Taganrog Gulf vessel traffic system No VTS-3/1-3068-2018 of February 22, 2018 to the requirements of IMO Resolution A.857 (20) and Russia’s Transport Ministry Order No 226 of July 23, 2015 that have been imposed upon VTS of high quality.

Earlier, Taganrog Gulf VTS was named VTS of the seaports of Taganrog and Azov. In 2014 VTM of the seaports of Taganrog and Azov successfully underwent the inspection on the results of which the appropriate certificate of its conformity to the existing requirements imposed upon this equipment had been issued to the enterprise. The changes are conditioned with the provisions of Russia’s Transport Ministry Order No 226 of July 23, 2015 that set the requirements to the name of VTS functioning in Russia.

At present, Taganrog Gulf VTS includes the control center located in the seaport of Taganrog and remotely operated radar posts located along the coast of the Taganrog Gulf and the Don River:
- Automated Radar Post No 1 (ARP-1) in the seaport of Taganrog;
- Automated Radar Post No 2 (ARP-2) on the territory of the receiving radio center of GMDSS Sea Area A2 of the settlement of Beglitskaya Kosa;
- Automated Radar Post No 3 (ARP-3) in Khutor Pavlo-Ochakovo;
- Automated Radar Post No 4 (ARP-4) on the territory of the Lotspost (the 7th kilometer of the Azov-Don Seaway Canal).

By using Taganrog Gulf VTS comprehensive navigational services are rendered in its area and the following operations are carried out:
- the detection of vessels on the approaches toward the area of Taganrog Gulf VTS, the establishment of contact with them, the receipt of data on a vessel;
- transmission of navigational, operative and other information to vessels on the initiative of operators of Taganrog Gulf VTS or at the request of a vessel;
- aid to marine navigation;
- movement of vessels, including planning and establishing modes of vessel movement in the area of Taganrog Gulf VTS;
- control over vessel movement and the position of vessels at anchoring stations.

Every year on the average over 16.000 transport vessels are in the area of Taganrog Gulf VTS.

More information on the terms and the procedure of functioning of Taganrog Gulf VTS and rendering navigational services can be found in the section “Azov Basin Branch VTS Services”.