Azov Basin Branch News

Juvenile carp released into Sea of Azov Sea Basin

In compliance with the implementation of environmental measures taken by the Azov Basin Branch to compensate damage caused to water biological resources and their living environment when carrying out dredging operations at the Taganrog Sea Channel and the approaches to hydraulic structures in the seaport of Taganrog in 2015, over 627,000 juvenile carp were released into the Sea of Azov in the presence of representatives of Russia’s Federal Fisheries Agency Azov-Black Sea Territorial Directorate on October 24, 2017.

The Branch spent almost three million Rubles to buy juvenile carp at the specialized fish farm with an average weighting batch of 10 g at the time of release.

This was the first release of young carp performed by the Branch in 2017.

In total, over six years the Azov Basin Branch has spent over nine million Rubles to buy over 47 billion bream juveniles and release them into to the Sea of Azov.