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Olya Seaport Borders Change

According to the Order of the Government of Russia No. 182-р dd 03.02.2017 Olya Seaport borders have been changed.

Corrections are related to the inclusion of the additional land parcel designed for the allocation of berths of the servicing fleet base in the Olya Seaport into the Olya Seaport borders. 

The construction project of the servicing fleet base in the Olya Seaport is implemented by the FSUE “Rosmorport” Astrakhan Branch for the purpose of complex port maintenance of transport vessels and terminals for the full development of the Olya Seaport. In the course of this project introduced in the Federal Target Program “Development of the Transport System of Russia 2010-2020” the construction of the following is planned:
- machinery repair shops units with administrative and amenity building;
- garage;
- boiler facility;
- modular integrated transformer substation;
- entry check point;
- platforms for winter storage of vessels;
- platforms for buoy storage;
- warehouse;
- storage yard;
- combustibles and lubricants point for automotive vehicles;
- local waste water treatment unit;
- domestic sewage network;
- urban runoff sewer network;
- dry trash container yard;
- balloon warehouse;
- fire extinguishing pump station;
- stock and equipment warehouse;
- pressure boost pump station.

Based on the review results made in 2015 the project documentation and engineering investigations results received affirmative conclusion from the state expertize. The conclusion on the conformity of the documentation with the engineering investigations results and the requirements of town-planning and environmental regulations of the Russian Federation was approved by the Federal Autonomous Organization “Glavgosexpertiza of Russia”.

In case of the allocation of necessary budget financing the construction and installation operations are expected to be started in 2019.

For references:

In Olya Seaport the Astrakhan Branch uses 7 land parcels with a total area of 58,7 ga which is 18% from total area of Olya Seaport.