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Berth No. 5a Constructed in the Seaport of Olya Commissioned

In accordance with Rosmorrechflot resolution No.  30-RU30507311-NZ-39/24-2016 dated 02.08.2016 new constructed berth No. 5a with the length of 170 meters, including the wing 25 meters wide, and with the design depth at the berth cordon of 6.22 meters was commissioned in the seaport of Olya.

Construction of this facility under the federal target program “Development of Transport System of Russia (2010-2015)”, was carried out by FSUE “Rosmorport” as construction customer in the period of October 2010 to June 2015.

Berth No. 5a with the design capacity of 490 thousand tons per year is intended to handle design vessels up to 130 meters long, with the breadth of 16.22 meters and loaded draft of 5.1 meters, carrying ro-ro (road ferry), and general cargo.

The berth construction costs amounted to almost 257.3 million rubles at the expense of the federal budget investments.

It is expected that berth No. 5a will be leased to interested operators of sea terminals in the prescribed manner, which will increase cargo handling volumes, improve the efficiency of handling road ferry cargoes and ro-ro cargoes in the seaport of Olya.

Berth No. 5a in Olya Seaport Berth No. 5a in Olya Seaport
Situational plan of berth No. 5a in Olya SeaportScheme of berth No. 5a in Olya Seaport