Arkhangelsk Branch Structure

Pilotage Service 
Vessel Traffic Management Service 

     - "Mudyug" Radiotechnical Station
Sea Canals Service 
     - Arkhangelsk Sector of Navigation Aids
     - Boats 
Communications, Electroradionavigation and IT Service 
     - GMDSS Radio Center 
     - GMDSS A2 Coastal Station ("Iles" Radio Station)
     - IT Department
Dredging and Surveying Works Department 
     - The Gals Surveyor Boat
Dispatchers' Office
     - Fleet
Fleet Department 
Capital Construction and Repairs Department
Chief Power Supply Engineer and Coastal Equipment Group
Accountants' Department
Financial and Economics Department
Legal Department
Personnel Management Department 

     - Administrative Office
Labor Safety and Ecology Department
Security Department
Mobilization Training Sector
Special Subdivision
Logistics Department
"Onega" Subdivision

"Naryan-Mar" Subdivision
"Sabetta" Subdivision